An operational concept

  • The Ivens Consult concept of strategic information includes an overview of the economic and political environment in relation to the market segment and the vision of the company leadership for the period.
  • The Strategic Information System, by Ivens Consult, creates a data matrix to be followed, based on the company’s leadership priorities.

Production in two movements

  • Information gathering and a journalistic reader friendly presentation shows were the company stands and its chosen path. Data gathering model is based in SEC filling (Form 10-K). Is offered a digital library were full documents, from were citations came, can be consulted.
  • Interviews with company leaders to point out the right choices.

Ivens Consult developed Strategic Information Systems to most of its clients producing papers in Brazil about Shipbuilding, Off shore Supply Boat Scene, Environment and Urban Development in Rio, Off shore Oil Production and Opportunities for Shipyards, Human Resources Outsourcing, Telecommunications, Maritime Logistic (Ports main challenges and tendencies), Under Water Construction for Oil Production, Political and Social-Economic Overviews.

Some of this material was produced with University think tanks, some were published by trend magazines and most of them were for corporate use.