Strategy is the decision on resources application to achieve goals.


A new PR tool

Organization leaders are busy people expected to have a strategic view. This can be made easier with Ivens Consult “Strategic Information System”, developed in two times:

  • Data gathering and processing: the sector scene on a concise journalistic copy, with tables and graphics, presenting – historical evolution; political and regulatory environment (virtual library assembled with sources documents); the market and competition.
  • Organization leaders’ interviews: the positioning taken by the client from a specific timeframe to present date, evaluated in relation to realities showed in the data gathering documentation.

A competitive product

The product is a piece of specialized and knowledgeable journalism, different from academic economic or market analysis, easier to read, consume and distribute.

Business case

Strategic Information System

The first client to hire Ivens Consult Strategic Information System product was Sinaval (Brazilian National Shipyards Syndicate), in November, 2002. The system was ready in March, 2003, after debates and changes, in time to be presented to the newly elected government officials, on president Lula federal administration staff. Sinaval used the product, presentations and documents data base, in government relations, events and seminars, and benefited from presenting, on all forums, structured and consistent views, for three years. In April, 2006, Sinaval hired an update. The mini-CD model for Strategic Information content already has its legend on the pantheon of myths of power meetings. As the tale goes, in April, 2003, the Ministry of Transportation audience was about to start, all maritime business leaders had arm pits full of documents, thus enters Sinaval president, Ariovaldo Rocha, nothing on his hands, sits in front of the Minister and takes, from his suit breast pocket, the mini-CD with attractive design identification. The Minister surprised and intrigued, inserts the disc on his computer, and presentations and a 30 document library show up for navigation. Next, Abeam (Brazilian Supply Boat Operators Association) hires the product development in 2003, 2204, 2005 and the up date in 2006. The list below sum up some Strategic Information Systems hired out, several of them before Ivens Consult came to be. Some was produce during the service to Rio de Janeiro State Goverment Administration, others, as director of other PR agency. Since 1999, this concept was tested and evaluated, by friends and foes, and it is still out there:

Strategic Information produced:

Sinaval: Naval Industry Outlook; Abeam: Offshore Supply Boat Study Real State: Environment versus Urban Development in Rio de Janeiro; Mining: International and Brazilian Mining Scene; Telecom: Fixed Satellites Overview; Offshore Oil industry: Market perspective for Construction and Services; Politics: Democracy and interest groups power appropriations; Globalization: Globalization and Government Crisis; Corporate communications management: Strategic information and corporate communication governance; Human Resources: Human Resources Outsourcing; Agribusiness: Orange Juice Industry Outlook; International Trade: Trends and IT Usage on Brazilian Global Trade; University: Study of Naval Industry Competitive Integrated Chain; Public Safety: Dispatch Centers Technology and Crime Occurrence Combat;

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