Ivan Leão,
Ivens Consult director

In the name of humanity

News in the media is the encounter of a journalist and a fact. In this meeting the journalist represents the human element and his society. In the name of those broader interests he takes up his position to report and analyze occurrences.

The better informed the is journalist, the better he will be able to accomplish his work.

Journalists working for PR consultants are valuable for the same reason; they represent the broader human interests when examining facts for their clients.

PR consultancy is both dynamic and interesting work. Companies have relevant conquests to inform. The media doesn’t have enough space for that amount of news. This is a reality of the business.

The press has a commitment to their readers to be critical and combative while keeping institutions and Government in line.

Organization leaders complain about the press, saying it has a preference for bad news. This isn’t completely true.

The public expects the press to be critical. Everyday there is positive news in newspapers and magazines but always in a context that makes it newsworthy.

To do the right thing is normal. Society expects all organizations to do the right thing. Going the extra mile is the corner stone for worthy news.

The human species survives and expands because in the end “we” do more things right than wrong. The alert cry over the wrongdoing is essential. The growing violence, urban chaos, and environmental aggression deserves daily critique and permanent combat from everyone.

The good thing about being a journalist is getting the opportunity to learn something new and something good, everyday. We wait for an opportunity to distribute this to the press and, through them, to the public.

In the daily press beat, for years, at corporate PR consultancy firms, managing communications in the public service, producing information on interesting media, one achieves an array of skills and competencies. But it is in the soul where we become richer when we speak in the name of human kind.